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Badgirl vom Leirbagland  (Madi)


DOB:  15.8.14


BVA Hips 9-7  -  BVA Elbows 0-0







I am delighted to have the fabulous Badgirl vom Leirbagland here with us at Kazeti,  she has come in from Poland and is a fabulous girl out of the super Yannick vom Butjeterland and Sunshine vom Frankengold.  A granddaughter of the fabulous Vagas du haut Mansard 


Madi is a super girl, beautiful and dark in the face, very playful and loving.  She has settled in very well and is always a happy girl.  She adores playing with anyone who will play with her, and I look forward to seeing some beautiful puppies produced by her.