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Here at Kazeti we pride ourselves in the quality of our beautiful dogs.  We use the top bloodlines from the UK and Europe to carry on our lines and produce outstanding puppies.   All of our dogs are hip scored, elbow scored, DNA profiled, our pedigrees are checked for any hereditory illnesses,  the males are haemophilia tested clear.   Temperament is obviously equally important to the health testing and is also a no 1 factor in my breeding.



The home of the fabulous V1 Yoschi Temperton von Kazeti, the first longcoat showline dog in the UK with a BH and IPO working qualification. He now has IPO2 and Korung.   This boy cannot be graded any higher in this country.

Temperament is everything
my grandson Sam having a cuddle with Xen

After years of wanting to breed this wonderful breed, I finally achieved my dream and started with the fabulous lines of Kira and Axel

This is what I aim to produce, beautiful, confident, strong puppies
Having a rest
having a nap after play
having a rest



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