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My job is making Puppies--I get two tries at that

They pat me, tell me I'm a Good Boy and that's the end of that.

It's half my job to give them teeth, toplines, fronts and others.

Remember-It's Only Half My Job--They also have got

It's not my job to carry puppies to make them grow or nurse them

Feed and clean them make them strong--That job is for "Their Mothers"

It's not my job to wean them feed biscuit and dog food,

Stack and gait and house train them or make them Show or Brood.

It's not my job to plan the breeding or learn what produces well,

To study pedigrees know what's there, and choose which ones to sell.

It's not my job to guarantee the champs--the breeder picks the pair

To make and whelp and feed and show. In hope that champ is there.

It's not my job to be on hand when points are given out

The breeder, owners, dam and friends take credit with a shout

It's not my job to deliver winners--It's only genes I sell

But let those puppies turn out bad

And Guess Who Catches HELL