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Lee Spectrinus von Kazeti  (Ronnie)

DOB:  20.4.2023

HD 3-3 = 6

ED 0-0

Haemophilia Clear



My fabulous stud boy has arrived


Lee Spectrinus von Kazeti - fondly known as Ronnie  (Ronaldo)

Son of the fabulous VA3  JA von der Kaiserlinde  and

Pol.Ch. Pepperoni von Gran Peregrino





We are delighted to have Ronnie here at Kazeti, he promises us a very bright future with some beautiful puppies.

He is a confident, lovely boy, full of mischief,  loves everyone, Ball crazy and adores his mummy cuddles.

I have big hopes for Ronnie,  he is already doing his basic training and doing well.  He loves going training and I am hoping to do some tracking with him in the near future.

I have just had his Hip & Elbows scored and received excellent results.