Kazeti German Shepherds - Exhibitors and Breeders of Long Coat German Shepherds

an example of Kazeti puppies


My puppies are born in my living room and raised in the house, they are not left alone day or night until they are 14 days old as I like to make sure mum is coping and everyone is feeding well.

The puppies are wormed fortnightly from 3 wks of age with Drontal Puppy Suspension.  They leave at 8 weeks old, and at that time are fully KC registered, this is endorsed, have a 5 generation pedigree, full 20 page puppy guide containing diet and general information,  3kg puppy pack of Purina Pro Plan puppy food, blanket and toy.  They all leave with a lifetime of support and I can always be contacted for any concern at any point in the dogs life.

They are fully vet checked, have first vaccination and are microchipped.

Puppies can be reserved with a deposit, this is non refundable except in certain circumstances.


All my puppies are from Hip & Elbow Scored parents of excellent character and health.  

Here at Kazeti we pride ourselves on the fact that when we sell a puppy, the new owner/s become our friends and can call on us for advice or support at any time. Although rare, occasionally things do go wrong and if necessary, we will take back any dog we have bred, at any age. Because we care about our dogs, we require all puppy buyers to sign a contract, which provides a number of provisions, which also protect the new owners following their purchase of a puppy from us, benefiting both parties.


All our puppies have their kennel club registrations endorsed with:-


1. Progeny not eligible for registration


2. Not eligible for export pedigree.


These endorsements are for the 'welfare of the GSD' and we hope will help discourage indiscriminate breeding. However, if a puppy buyer wants to breed a carefully planned litter of puppies, the dog must be at least 2 years old, hip-scored 18 or less, elbow scored no more than 1 and be of sound mind and body, with something to offer the breed. If all this applies, only then will we consider removal of the endorsement to allow progeny registration.  We will also provide suitable support, guidance and advice where necessary and if asked for. In addition, if an owner were considering emigration then the endorsement regarding export can and will be removed for them.








This is an X-ray of a 2 week old puppy.

Look at how far the bones have to grow before they become a proper bony joint! This is why you should never let puppies jump, walk up/down stairs, over exercise or over train. Doing too much impact activity at a young age can cause serious issues later in life, or even at a young age as hip dysplasia and other orthopaedic conditions are rising in puppies!

Remember the puppy rule for every month increase activity by 5 minutes! For example an 8 week old puppy only needs 10 minutes physical activity at a time 5-6 times a day - a 6 month old only needs 30 minutes of physical activity 5-6 times a day.

*physical activity includes - going for a walk, training, playing fetch, running, playing with other dogs etc.


Enjoy your new puppy but remember you wouldn't make a 6 month old baby run a mile a day so don't make your puppy either!