Gayville's Sammo at Kazeti (Axel) 

(Now Retired)


Date of Birth: 14/8/04-15/11/16

Hip Score 7/14



Axel or “Baby Boy” as he is called is an adorable male who loves everyone and loves to be cuddled. 

He will happily sit on my knee all day. 

Axel has produced some fabulous puppies for us.  He has always produced strong males to type and beautiful females.


Axel has made me very proud of what he has produced here through his offspring for 3 generations now.  He is happily retired from stud now and will live out his life with us here.  He is our foundation boy and is simply adored.

Axel just turning 5
my beautiful Axel playing with is ball
Axel blowing in the wind
My stunning boy at 2 yrs
having a rest
Axel at 2yrs
Axel doing what he loves best