Kazeti German Shepherds - Exhibitors and breeders of long coat German Shepherds

Kazeti Boss aka Odin who won Best Longcoat Puppy and Best Longcoat in Show




Midland Counties GSDA. 19TH July 2015.
Firstly thank you to the club for inviting me to judge the long coats, this is the first time they have put on long coat classes. Also thank you to the exhibiters for entering. Just a couple of comments, all characters were good; there were 2 that were well over weight. Please try and get the weight off your dogs, so that they can have a long and happier life. 3 years ago I judged a rally for the club, and that day I found a real star, who went to the rainbow bridge not long after. At this show I found another star, and I hope he can follow in my other stars footsteps. Well done.
L/C Male puppy.
1st Henderson’s, Kazeti Boss. 8 months gold sable. Medium size, medium strength, excellent head and expression, good firm overline going into a well moulded croup. The upper arm is steep, but of good length, the rear angles are good, he stands correct in front and he is firm in hocks. Holds his shape well at the walk and at the gait, which has plenty of drive. This was my star of the day, Best L/C Puppy and Best L/C. I will watch him with interest.



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